November 13-17

Happy Monday everyone!


English Language Arts: The spelling words this week are focused on digraphs, or two consonants that form a new sound together like ch, sh, ph, th, wh, and ng (ex: cheese, shirt, phone, thanks, when, sing etc.). You can find your child’s words on my website, under the correct color. We will have a vocabulary quiz on Friday and students can practice the words online at ConnectEd under the Words to Know and Games sections. We are going to be preparing for our Conferences this week, as well as working on our personal precepts or mottos to live by. We will also be talking about theme, and looking at the genre of Drama in our stories.


Math: We are talking about prime and composite numbers, as well as factors and multiples. Prime numbers are numbers who only can be made by multiplying 1 times itself (ex: 13 = 1 x 13) and composite numbers are numbers that have more than two factors (12 = 1×12, 2×6, 3×4). Factors are numbers that multiply together to create a product (factors of 15: 1, 15, 3, 5) and multiples are skip counting of a number (multiples of 6: 12, 18, 24, 30 etc). We will be working on these for the next two weeks, and because of the weird schedule, will have a quick quiz on these skills next Monday or Tuesday next week (not the usual Wednesday).


Religion: We are finishing presenting our Saint reports and are working on writing Prayers of the Faithful for our Thanksgiving Mass next Wednesday. Students will also be singing the choir that day, so they will need to be at school by 8am on the 22nd.


History: We are beginning Unit 2 this week that focuses on Native Peoples of WA.


Science: Students are learning about the life cycles of gymnosperms and conducting one variable experiments. Students should be finishing Lesson 20 worksheet for homework tonight.



November 15, 2017 – Turkey Bingo in Parish Hall – 6-8:30pm

November 16-21, 2017 – NOON DISMISSAL – Conferences in the afternoon/evening time.

November 22, 2017 – Thanksgiving Mass led by 4th graders – 8:30am

November 22, 2017 – NOON DISMISSAL – Thanksgiving Break

November 23-24, 2017 – NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break



Conferences start this week! If you still need to sign up for a Conference, you can click here and reserve a spot. Please bring your child with you, as they will be leading the conference! Thursday and Tuesday times are from 3-7pm, and Friday and Monday times are from 1-4pm.



Join us in the Parish Hall this Wednesday from 6-8:30 pm for Turkey Bingo! Conme and try for the chance to win a turkey for Thanksgiving this year! You can pre-order Bingo cards online or you can purchase them at the door. It should be a gobblin’ good time!



Stay dry, and have a great week