January 8-12

Hello everyone,


English Language Arts: The spelling words this week all have suffixes (or endings) on words –ly, -less, -ness, -ic, -ful (ex: sickly, restless, darkness, allergic, thankful etc.). You can find your child’s words on my website, under the correct color. We will have a weekly vocabulary quiz on Friday, and students can practice the words online. We are continuing to talk about Main Idea and Key Details in texts, as well as looking at some poetry pieces.


Math: We are finishing up how to multiply 2 digits by 2 digits (ex: 54 x 37) using the standard method. There is a weekly homework review sheet this week.

Quick Quiz: multiplication (1x3or4 digits and 2×2 digits)


Religion: We are starting to learn about the Ten Commandments. Students will be learning a rap to help them remember the order of each Commandment, as well as working on different activities.


History: We are writing our Legends! Many students have finished the first draft and are ready to conference with me, while some students are working on their second draft or their final drafts on Google Classroom. This will be due on Jan. 19 and students are welcome to work on it at home. They also have gotten a study guide for our Unit 2 Test that they can begin to look at, and it is uploaded to the History Google Classroom for you (in case they forget it at school). The test will not be until Jan. 19, but I think a little review each day is better than a lot of review one day. We will review in class together next week.


Science: Students are working in their zoology unit – identifying characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates, classifying vertebrates, identifying characteristics of classes of vertebrates, and learning about the lifecycles of vertebrates.

Students will receive a simple one page vertebrate report worksheet tomorrow that will be due this Friday. They may pick any vertebrate and the page must be completed at home if not done in class.



January 12, 2016 – Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly – 2:00 in the Parish Hall

January 15, 2018 – NO SCHOOL – MLK Jr. Day

January 16, 2018 – Last day to order Peace shirts – 9:00am

January 28, 2018 – SMM Open House – 11am-2pm

January 29-February 2, 2018- Catholic Schools Week



The last Tuesday of every month from now until the end of the school year will be Peace Days! These are days when students can wear their peace shirts and sweatshirts with free dress, and as a school we will focus on peaceful acts. If you did not get a shirt or sweatshirt with the last order and would like to, please click here and order before Jan. 16 at 9am. This will be the last order of the year. If students do not have a peace shirt/sweatshirt they must be in uniform on Peace Days.



Have a great week!