January 22-26

Happy Monday everyone,


English Language Arts: The spelling words this week are focused on r-controlled vowels er, ir, and ur (ex: person, dirty, surf etc.). You can find your child’s words on my website, under the correct color.

There will be a vocabulary quiz on our 8 weekly words on Friday an students can also find them online at connected.mcgraw-hill.com and login using their firstnamelastinitial4b as their username and password. We are finishing up our Catholic Schools’ Essay, going over more verbs, and will be discussing theme of books in more detail.


Math: We have begun working on division, but have started by using the area method or the box method. This teaches students to break up the digits in the number when dividing and the process helps them when we begin the standard method of long division.

Quick Quiz: Multiplication word problems (EX: If I bought 3 books and my brother bought 4 times as many, how many books did my brother buy?)


Religion: We are going to begin working on creating our own social media Ten Commandments this week. This includes creating Instagram-like pictures that represent what God asks of us as well as a #hashtag to show that we can take the old phrasing of these laws and update it so that everyone can understand.


History: We are talking about some current events in class, as well as beginning our next Unit on explorers to WA.


Science: Students have just taken their zoology science test today. They will continue working in the Zoology unit.



January 28, 2018 – Mass @ 10am with school choir & SMM Open House – 11-2pm

January 31, 2018 – Skate Deck Party – 6:30pm

February 1, 2018 – Special Persons’ Day and Assembly –

February 2, 2018 – First Friday and SVdP




Next week is Catholic Schools’ Week! It kicks off with a 10am Mass on Sunday where our students have been invited to sing in the choir. Then right after is the Open House, where you can go and visit differnet classrooms and teachers and show off our school. On Wednesday there will be a rollerskating party at Skate Deck beginning at 6:30pm. Special Person’s Day is on Thursday where students can invite a special person in their life to visit their classroom, and then go to an assembly celebrating our school and a Distinguished Graduate. We end the week with a First Friday food collection by St. Vincent dePaul and free dress.



In case anyone missed it, here is our Fall edition of the 4th Grade Newscast.



Have a great week,

Miss Stevenson