Weekly Newsletter October 4, 2019

Hello Parents and Guardians of 4B!

Thank you so much for helping us enjoy a wonderful morning at the Washington State Corn Maze! I told the kids that their behavior was outstanding!!!

Math- We will be continuing to learn about prime numbers, factors and multiples. Congratulations to Kevin and Cash for winning Place Value SWAT! Ask your kids about KA-BOOM and maybe you can play that game at home!

Language Arts- We will be talking about theme this week. Some of the kids have already picked up on several themes as we are reading Maniac Magee. (Homelessness and Friendship). Paragraph writing will be at the top of our list this week. We will use different colors to represent our topic sentence, three detailed sentences and a closing sentence. This helps many of the students organize their writing. Compound sentences are something we are still working on and some of the kids are ready for complex sentence writing.

Science- We finally get to use our frosting and graham crackers while learning about tectonic plates!

History- Our Natural Washington Unit is coming to an end this week. We will have our first major History test on Thursday, October 10th. A study guide will come home with your child Tuesday. I most likely will not send home homework this week as I want them to study for their History test. (They will still need to read and practice their spelling words) You can help them greatly by quizzing them orally with the study guide.

Religion- We will be reviewing Chapter 2 and taking a Chapter Review Test on Friday. (Most of the test is knowing the parts of Mass and what they mean)

Spelling Words- bolt, mold, toll, shadow, flow, mows, lower, blown, quote, mole, stone, stove, chose, sole, stole, goal, groan, load, roasting, and woe. ***Challenge words- motionless, woefully, stovetop, coaster, and goalie.

Congratulations to the following students for turning in quality work at all times! Natalie and Martina!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Holt

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