I strongly believe in the power of play and letting children be children. Further, research does not indicate significant benefits of homework at the elementary level. I believe that when students give me all of their day, they deserve to have all of their night! Therefore, I do not give out nightly homework requirements, just 3 activities that should not take more than 40 minutes a week. I encourage you to eat dinner as a family, have a game night, or enjoy extra-curricular activities without too much pressure to complete homework assignments. Know that your child is working hard at school each day and has earned their evening playtime!

Spelling: Students will have 20 spelling words each week that have a pattern or rule to follow. They will write the words in their planners at the start of the week, and I ask that students re-write the words 4 times throughout the week in their homework notebook, to be turned in on Friday. They may simply re-copy the words with correct spelling for practice, or can ask someone to read the words while they test themselves. Practice makes permanent!

Matrix: At the beginning of each quarter, students will be given a grid of 9 different choices. Each week, students will choose one activity to complete in their homework notebook, to be turned in on Friday. These activities are not traditional math or reading assignments, but are meant to encourage your child to look at the world around them and be creative!

Math Review: I send home a math review sheet with some problems for students to complete throughout the week. These sheets are glued into their homework notebooks, and should be completed in them as well. They are due on Friday.

Reading: This year in 4th grade there is a 40 book challenge. Your child is challenged to read 40 books throughout the year, in a variety of genres they may not normally choose or have read before. There will be ample of time during class to read, but your child may choose to continue reading at home as well. I do not require any amount of reading a night, only to challenge them to read more than they ever have in a year.

Math: The Mathletics site is an excellent place to brush up on math skills from previous years, and practice ones we are learning in class. However, I do not require anything from the site. This can be a good option for educational screen time.