All fourth grade students are expected to read for 20 minutes each evening. ¬†Spelling words will come home every Monday and testing will be Friday. Writing and Math assignments will also come home periodically. These assignments will be topics we have already covered in class and the students should be able to complete them with little or no help. There will be no homework on Fridays. Typically, fourth grade students do best with limiting their homework time to about 40 minutes a day. Please let me know if the homework assignments get to be too much for your child or if they simply did not have time to complete their assignments. We can always find some time during the school day to help them catch up! I don’t want homework to be anything my students dread. I will remind them often to do the following: 1) Read for fun. Find topics that interest you. 2) Play spelling games and learn tricks to help you remember how to spell the words. 3) There will be time at the end of each school day to ask questions regarding homework and we will start the first part together as a class!