First Quarter- The Earth’s Changing Surface

The Earth’s four spheres, Rocks, Tectonic Plates, Natural Hazards, Volcanoes, Weathering, Erosion, The Rock Cycle, Fossils and Reading Maps.

PROJECT-Withstanding Earthquakes

Second Quarter-Structures and Processes of Living Things

STEM Project Animal Superpowers

Third Quarter-Energy

Potential and Kinetic Energy, Gravitational and Potential Energy, Elastic Potential Energy, Energy Transference, Forms of Energy, Energy Transfers and Transformations, Electrical Energy, Energy Sources, Renewable and Nonrenewable Sources

PROJECT-Wacky Rube Goldberg Machines

Fourth Quarter-Waves

Types of Waves, Anatomy of a Wave, Sound, Pitch, Volume, Light, Color, Solids

PROJECT 1 Rockstar Challenge

PROJECT 2 Shadow Puppets

Engineering Task